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For 60 years:
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B2B discount campaign First-class saw blades at the best price, from 30 pieces

Benefit from over 60 years of experience in manufacturing carbide tipped circular saw blades! Get quality made in Germany at the best prices and see our added value for yourself...

Your WALTER added value

  • Quality from the manufacturer

    WALTER stands for quality "Made in Germany". With over 60 years of expertise, we produce carbide-tipped circular saw blades for a large number of well-known original equipment manufacturers as well as national and international wholesalers. Our expertise guarantees you products that meet the highest demands.

  • Flexibility in production

    Without compromising on quality, we deliver from a quantity of 30 pieces per dimension. This allows us to respond efficiently and flexibly to our customers' needs. Our circular saw blades are available in a diameter range from 120 to 550 mm and meet the most diverse requirements.

  • Customized production

    Our production team does everything it can to meet your individual requirements. We are able to implement specific customer requests - from the tooth shape and expansion slot design to ornaments and the use of copper rivets to reduce noise. Your ideas are our challenge.

  • Your own brand imprint

    With WALTER, you have the opportunity to put your brand in the spotlight. We offer customized laser marking according to your specifications - including technical data and your company logo. So you can use our high quality standard to strengthen your brand. We are more than just a manufacturer - we are your partner.

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Circular saw blades: quality, variety and versatility in every cut

  • Material

    The materials we use for our circular saw blades stand for the highest quality and durability. Made from robust and durable carbide, our saw blades guarantee first-class cutting precision and durability. Each individual saw blade is subjected to stringent quality tests to ensure optimum performance and maximum service life.

  • Sizes and types

    We offer a wide range of sizes and types of circular saw blades to meet the diverse requirements of our customers. Our blades are available in diameters from 120 to 550 mm. Whether for general use or specific applications - we have the right tool for you!

  • Areas of application

    Our circular saw blades excel in woodworking, provide precise and clean cuts in aluminum and non-ferrous metals and even master the challenges of steel and other metals. They are also optimized for processing plastics. With WALTER circular saw blades, you have the right tool for every material.

WALTER only uses German quality cold-rolled strip 75Cr1, material number 1.2003

Individual laser marking according to customer specifications - technical data and customer's own company logo (private label)

Copper plugs for noise reduction

With customized ornaments on request

Diameter range from 120 to 550 mm

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Further information on circular saw blades

  • Proven partner for dealers and manufacturers, nationally and internationally

    The advantages of the high-quality WALTER circular saw blades extend across numerous areas and bring considerable benefits for both the trade and manufacturers in the national and international environment.

    "There is no substitute for quality!"

    Acting on this maxim, we regularly update our machinery pool. Only trained specialists work in our production facilities. Furthermore, only first class raw materials are used, without exception. That is how we achieve our goal: the highest quality.

    Production of high quality saw bodies:

    • WALTER only processes high quality German 75Cr1 cold-rolled steel strips, material number 1.2003
    • State-of-the-art nitrogen laser technologies for scale-free surfaces
    • All cutting operations take place in one clamping process
    • Maximum flatness due to hydraulic and, if necessary, manual straightening

    Production of precision saw blades:

    • State-of-the-art, fully automatic brazing technology using high quality carbide teeth from market leaders
    • Grinding of the carbide teeth is carried out in-house using ultra-modern saw blade grinding centres
    • The combination of WALTER proprietary diamond wheels and fully synthetic special grinding oil makes the difference
    • 100% final inspection – at WALTER, every saw blade is examined, visually and technically


    WALTER circular saw blades offer numerous advantages for the trade. Their high quality and durability make them an attractive product for customers looking for a reliable and durable tool. In addition, the wide range of products enables us to offer customized solutions and meet specific customer requirements. Retailers also benefit from our flexible order quantities, which allow them to customize their product range and keep their warehouses optimally stocked.


    The quality and reliability of WALTER circular saw blades is a decisive advantage for manufacturers. Our blades ensure consistently high machining quality and thus contribute to the efficiency and productivity of production processes. In addition, "Made in Germany" production and the possibility of individual custom-made products offer a high degree of flexibility and reliability.


    WALTER circular saw blades are particularly attractive for international trade and production. Their consistently high quality and strong performance meet international standards. Their versatility allows them to be used in a wide variety of working environments and applications worldwide. Efficient delivery logistics ensure reliable product availability, regardless of location. Complemented by individual advice and excellent customer service, WALTER circular saw blades make a significant difference in the global market.

  • Areas of application for carbide-tipped circular saw blades


    Carbide-tipped circular saw blades are suitable for processing wood materials such as solid wood, chipboard, MDF or OSB. The advantages include their durability and performance. In addition, they also enable the processing of harder and more resistant types of wood that would not be so easy to cut with conventional saw blades. When selecting a carbide-tipped circular saw blade, it is important to pay attention to its diameter, bore, cutting width, number of teeth and tooth shape in order to find the right saw blade for the respective application.


    Carbide-tipped circular saw blades are also frequently used for processing aluminum, as they have a high cutting performance and a long service life. Aluminum is a lightweight metal with a soft surface that can be damaged quickly when cutting. Carbide-tipped circular saw blades enable precise cuts without burr formation or damage to the aluminum surface. Overall, they offer an efficient and precise solution for machining aluminum. They enable clean and precise cuts with a long service life and low wear.

    Non-ferrous metals

    In addition to aluminum, there are other non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass or bronze. These materials can also be cut with carbide-tipped circular saw blades. Non-ferrous metals are particularly challenging to machine due to their soft and tough properties, as conventional steel blades can quickly become blunt. Circular saw blades are equipped with special carbide teeth that are extremely hard and wear-resistant.


    We differentiate between normal steel (free-cutting steel / tool steel), stainless steel and sandwich material.


    There are various types of plastic that can be processed using carbide-tipped circular saw blades. Some common examples are: Plexiglas, PVC, PE, PP, PET.

  • Types of carbide-tipped circular saw blades
    • Type 02 Rip saw blade – Flat top with chip limiter – F-AKB
    • Type 04 Rip saw blade – Alternate top bevel with chip limiter – ATB-AKB
    • Type 06 Universal table saw blade – Alternate top bevel – ATB
    • Type 08 Multi-tooth table saw blade – Alternate top bevel – ATB
    • Type 10 Table saw blade – Alternate top bevel, thin kerf – ATB
    • Type 12 Mitre saw blade – Alternate top bevel, negative – ATB
    • Type 14 Special laminate circular saw blade – Alternate top bevel 35°, negative – ATB
    • Type 16 Multi-tooth saw blade – Alternate top bevel, negative – ATB
    • Type 18 Hollow-face circular saw blade – Hollow-face, positive – V-hollow
    • Type 20 Hollow-face circular saw blade – Hollow-face, negative – V-hollow
    • Type 22 Sizing saw blade – Triple chip – TC
    • Type 24 Panel sizing saw blade – Alternate top bevel– ATB
    • Type 26 Panel sizing saw blade – Triple chip – TC
    • Type 28 Scoring saw blade – Alternate top bevel conical, one-piece – ATB
    • Type 30 Scoring saw blade – Alternate top bevel conical, two-piece – ATB
    • Type 32 Contractor‘s circular saw blade – Trapezoidal – TT
    • Type 34 Super contractor‘s circular saw blade – Alternate top bevel 5° – ATB
    • Type 36 Hand-held circular saw blade – Alternate top bevel 15° – ATB
    • Type 38 Non-ferrous metal saw blade – Triple chip, positive – TC
    • Type 40 Non-ferrous metal saw blade – Triple chip, negative – TC
    • Type 42 Circular saw blade for steel – Alternate top bevel with chamfer – ATB-B
    • Type 44 Circular saw blade for sandwich material – Alternate top bevel with chamfer – F-B
    • Type 46 Circular saw blade for stainless steel – 3-Cut